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5 Most Popular Ammo Calibers: .30-06. This is a tough one because I really like the .7mm magnum rifle round. But I think the .30-06 is more prevalent with hunters and competition shooters. It's been the round of choice to win many short, medium, and long-range target shooting competitions over the years. Effective out to 1,000 yards and able. 2021.

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Description Meant to be used with the 1/3rd scale Goat Gun rifles Ages 12 and up Features MINIATURE 7.62 DUMMY ROUNDS (15) Now you can stock up on extra rounds for your AK Models! The AK47 mini mags can hold a full 30 rounds. The sizes do differ from the 5.56 & .300 decoy rounds although hard to tell in photos..

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Mar 28, 2022 · 115 gr. Ballistic Tip (ABLR unavailable in factory ammo), .453 BC/.249 SD, 3400 fps. The quarter-bore Weatherby is a phenomenon. Its laser-like trajectory makes it a great speed goat gun..

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